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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Dale F. DeNardo, D.V.M. & Ph.D.

Dale DeNardo IMAGE.jpeg

Dr. Dale F. DeNardo (D.V.M., Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University (Tempe Campus). His research focus is in environmental physiology where he studies the interaction between an organism and its environment. Dale and his research team use both laboratory and field-based experiments to investigate how physiological state, behavior, and environmental conditions interact to enable an animal not only to survive but also to thrive and reproduce in challenging environments such as deserts. Professor DeNardo and his collaborators are particularly interested in how organisms, such as Gila Monsters, rattlesnakes, Old World vipers, and pythons, deal with limited resources, such as energy and water, and how their coping strategies will be affected by climate change.

Talk title: Exploring the Desert Survival Strategies of Gila Monsters – 20 Years and Counting

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