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Invited Speaker

Dr. Brian K. Sullivan

Brian K. Sullivan Bio Pic .jpg

Brian K. Sullivan (Ph.D.) first searched for amphibians and reptiles in Arizona in 1970; he returned to attend graduate school in 1979, and has been in residence for most years since.  He first taught at ASU at the West Campus in 1984, and arrived as an Assistant Professor of Zoology in 1989. He was promoted to Full Professor of Herpetology in 2002, and served as the Editor of the Journal of Herpetology from 2000 through 2005. He is interested in the behavior, ecology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles around the world, and especially in desert regions like the Southwest. With his family, including wife, Elizabeth, and sons Keith and Justin, he has examined the persistence of amphibians and reptiles found in urbanized desert environments. Recently, they have begun radio tracking Sonoran Desert Tortoises and Regal Horned Lizards on the urban-desert interface.  They have examined the impact of mitigation translocation on a number of species, including Sonoran Desert Tortoises, Common Chuckwallas, and Gila Monsters. Sullivan has authored over 175 articles, book reviews, technical reports, and book chapters, including many coauthored with students and colleagues in the Phoenix area.

Talk title: Gila Monsters and Mitigation Translocation—What’s Wrong?

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